Sailing Barge plans found in the book
by John Leather.
Page Barge Details
4 Spritsail barges 1870-1895 Lines, sail plan and general arrangement
11 Niagara Structural midship section
23-25 Boomie barge PEARL Lines, general arrangement, profile and deck, aft cabin plan, sail plan, scantling midship section.
27 Steel Ketch Barge LADY OF THE LAKE Sail plan.
29 Auxiliary Ketch Barge of 1922 General arrangement (elevation and deck plan) and sail plan
31/2 Coasting motor barge ROCHESTER CASTLE Profile and deck arrangement, body plan
39 Auxiliary ketch barge 1925 General arrangement and sail plan
83/4 Yacht barge THOMA II Sail plans - Spritsail rig and gaff ketch rig.
89-91 Small yacht barge BOOJUM Outboard and inboard profile, rigging plan, Deck and accommodation plans
93-95 Motor yacht barge TOQUADE General arrangement and deck plan, outboard profile and sail plan, midship section.
100-102 Barge yacht NAN General arrangement, body plan and midship section, sail plan.
106-107 Spritsail barge yacht FRANCES Lines, accommodation arrangement and midship section.
110 Cutter rigged barge yacht HARELDA II Sail plan and accommodation arrangement
111-114 American schooner rigged, steel barge yacht RARA AVIS Sail plan, lines, Deck plan, accommodation plan.
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