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Barge Building tools in the Australian National Maritime Museum

Why not join the Tidal Thames Navigators Club run by the PLA. You don't have to own a boat or barge..

2014 Colne Barge Match Results

Next Barge Match - Medway May 23rd 2015
2014 Sailing Barge Championship Results

During the winter (from October) stop for food, drink and a warm welcome at:
Edith May Tea room at Lower Halstow, Friday-Sunday 10.30am-4pm from October 24th
Barge Tea Rooms - note now on Thistle (not Hydrogen) at Maldon Quay, Thursday to Sunday 10am-5pm until Easter

Visiting Maldon, try:
32 The Hythe for B&B or
S.B. Reminder for self-catering accommodation.

2015 Barge Match Dates:
Medway - 23rd May
Passage - 20th June
Pin Mill - 27th June
Blackwater - 25th July
Swale - 8th August
Thames - 22nd August
Southend - 30th August (Sunday)
Colne - 5th September

New: Westmoreland Trust

Poetry Corner

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Thames Sailing Barges have a significant following for a variety of reasons. They were the workhorses of the East Coast before motorisation firstly in ships, but then subsequently on the roads gradually reduced their commercial viability.

A number of these vessels still survive in various roles, some fully active, others used as house barges or are awaiting restoration, while many are rotting away, abandoned in creeks long ago.

These pages are an attempt to utilise modern technology to promote these traditional craft.

Any comments about the pages as they develop are welcome. I'll be pleased to hear about your barging interests, and do let me know if you spot any errors, or have any updated information.

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